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At the crossroads of financial markets and the dairy industry sits Rice Dairy International Ltd. (RDI), dairy risk management consultants with a focus on the European markets.


Assessing risk is the first step toward developing a sound dairy risk management plan. Every dairy business is unique but the process of identifying risk is universal. Let our experience work for you.


What are your hedging goals? What are your unique challenges and opportunities? What can you learn from other companies in your industry? Partner with our team to answer these questions and discover what strategies will make your risk management plan successful.


Global dairy markets are complex, interpretive, and dynamic. Rice Dairy International has the knowledge to guide your business through these markets and implement an effective risk management plan.

BEYOND ADVISORY: Your Partner in Risk Management

To skillfully manage your price risk, you need an experienced partner who understands industry best practices while embracing innovation.

When you hire Rice Dairy International, you partner with the leading team of dairy risk management professionals. Our consultants have an average of 10 years experience and all the knowledge that comes with it – from industry-wide contacts to a deep passion for dairy markets. Click here to learn more.

RDI belongs to a network of leading dairy service providers and we tap into these affiliations to serve our clients. Click here to learn more.

  • Rice Dairy LLC is the leading dairy futures brokerage firm.
  • Vault Technologies offers dairy farmers software for forecasting and managing their P&L.
  • Dairy Opportunities is an award-winning investment management firm that invests solely in dairy derivative markets.

Here at RDI, we build solutions.

Markets possess powerful, rapidly evolving information. We develop customized tools for our partners to help them quickly harness and efficiently translate this data into actionable knowledge.

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In this video, Head of European Markets Robbie Turner goes over EEX derivatives– how they have changed over history, what effect they have on the market now, and why you should care.

To see more of our content, head over to our RDTV YouTube page.

The EEX Dairy Derivatives

Who we help


Dairy Farms and Co-ops

The dairy supply chain starts here and so does the price risk.

Processors and Traders

In the middle of the supply chain, risk is dynamic but so are RDI's solutions.

End-User Food Companies

From quick service restaurants to consumer packaged goods, from pharmaceuticals to nutritional products, if you are at the end of the dairy supply chain, RDI will be there with you.
The People Behind Scenes


  • Director

    Brian Rice is a director of Rice Dairy International and the founder of Rice Dairy LLC, a dairy brokerage firm in Chicago, IL. He …

  • Director

    Peter Turk is a director of Rice Dairy International and Co-Owner of Rice Dairy LLC, a dairy brokerage firm in Chicago IL. Turk started …

  • Head of European Markets

    Robbie heads the Rice Dairy International office based in London, and comes to RDI from Fonterra where he was most recently the physical portfolio …

  • Broker

    Brian Fletcher (a.k.a. Fletch) focuses on strategy development and implementation of price-risk management for dairy commodities. He works with a wide range of …

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Robbie Turner discusses China’s influence on dairy markets in The Ghost in the Machine

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Robbie Turner featured in Farming Life

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