Robbie Turner featured in Farming Life - Rice Dairy International

Robbie Turner featured in Farming Life

May 16, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.46.30 PMAfter speaking at a recent Ulster Farmers’ Union’s event,  Robbie Turner was featured in Farming Life.

Last week, the Ulster Farmers’ Union in collaboration with Dairy UK brought together a line up of international speakers never seen before at a dairy conference in Northern Ireland to discuss ways of tackling the volatile cycles our industry is facing.

The speakers presented innovative ideas such as risk insurance, hedging and long term sustainable financing as ways to bring stability back into the dairy supply chain, in other words an armoury of risk management tools.

Robbie Turner from Rice International provided a very interesting insight, not only into into the prospects for the sector over the next couple of years but his presentation also gave the delegates an explanation as to why the current crisis has lasted as long as it has and an overview on the nature of the risk we are facing. All in all contributing to one of the most damaging periods of price volatility for Northern Ireland dairying ever experienced.

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